BOB体育竞技   Tunnel waterproof board with tape

  产品介绍: 吊挂式隧道专用防护光板为双层结构,一层为穿有吊带的BOB体育竞技基膜,另一层为热塑性塑料片材。其制造方法为:在原材料中按比例分别添加防老化助剂、抗氧剂和光稳定剂,加热熔融挤出BOB体育竞技基膜,再与吊带热合在一起。另外经螺杆挤出机加热熔融,塑化均匀后,从平缝型口模中挤出的热塑性塑料片材,与带有吊带的基膜再热合在一起,经冷压定型、牵引、切边、卷取加工而成。吊挂式隧道专用防护光板的形式具有施工简单,造价低的特点,可显著提高隧道防水工程中土工合成材料的铺设质量和效率,节省工程投资,提高工程质量稳定性。

  Instruction: Tunnel waterproof board have two layers, one is a layer of geosythetic basic membrane and the other is thermoplasticity plastic sheet. Its manufacture method: add anti-aging agent, antioxygen,light stablility agent in the raw material according to proportion, extruded the geosynthetic membrane by heating and melting, heat seal with the tape. In addition, heat and melt through the scroll, even plastify, the thermoplasticity plasic sheet extruded from the mouth mould of flush joint heat sealed with the basic membrane with tape. The plastic sheet and the geosynthetic sheet be made into the Tunnel waterproof board by the cold pressing patterned, tow, side cutting and rolled. The smooth Tunnel waterproof board has the property of easy construction and low cost, it can improve the construction quality and efficiency of geosynthetics in tunnel waterproof project, save project investment, improve the stablity of project quality.


  Specification: thickness:1.0-3.0mm,width:2-4m, length at ED.request.


  Properties:special anti-ozone, good anti-aging and anti-penetrating, same age as the buildings.good anti-leakage, high separation, no chemical pollution, acid-base and many chemical substances resisting.excellent elongation and anti-friction, good dimension stability and splicing, easy construction.realized disposable construction of no transfixion nail, but suspension type, can simplify the difficulty in traditional geosynthetic construction in Tunnel, improve the installation quality and efficiency, deduct project time, low down the synthetical cost of construction greatly, have the advantage of market competition.

  应用范围:主要用于铁路隧道、公路隧道、 地铁、工矿及各类市政地下工程。

BOB体育竞技   Applications: mainly used in the substructure work of railway tunnel, highway tunnel, underground, factory, mine and all kinds of municipal facilities.